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   After making the decision this year to close down my personal blog, Paisley Blvd, I really missed doing design on a regular basis! I still took a few misc. referral jobs here and there, but I realized- all of my designs are linked to my old blog...which means there isn't really a way for me to get any referrals off of those any more.

I decided to revive this little blogspot space, (from the time I once thought I needed two blogs- one for design and one for my life) that had quickly fizzled away when I combined all of the aspects on 

This is a little rambley.

I guess I just wanted to share, that just because I'm not blogging for me anymore, I'd still love to help you make yours even better! Not only am I offering great deals on custom blog design, I am creating a pre-made template shop as we speak! I am in LOVE with this first one! 

Shoot me an email if you'd like to get a quote! 

xo, Colleen